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The Sandy Hook Theatre Project

"The Sandy Hook Theatre Project" 


The Words of the Newtown, CT Community
Adapted & Directed by: Dana Greenfield



Performed at Pace University

and The Stop Gun Violence NOW Theater Fest


Assistant Director: Alanna Hanly
Stage Manager: Tara Griffo
Set Design & Props: Brooke Van Hensbergen
Sound Design: Jade Ziane
Light Design: Sienna Gonzalez
Musical Direction: Taylor Harlow


Schuylar Doemling
Austin Klich
Lindsay Olson
Kris Sanchez


Twenty-six bells hang above the heads of four actors as they embody the town ravaged by the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting on December 14th, 2012. Poetry, prose, music, and interviews written exclusively by the Newtown, CT community combine to examine this beautiful town before, during the moments of, and after the 12/14 tragedy. Their unique perspectives intersect to show the strength and resilience of a community torn apart. This is the story of a town whose hearts were broken but whose spirits were not.

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