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all is good

Devised by Gapeseed

Based on text from interviews with Sibylle Baier


September 2015

Bienal Arte Joven at The Konex

Buenos Aires, Argentina


Directed by Dana Greenfield

Associate Director: Spencer Armstrong

Featuring: Alec Funiciello, Maggie Borlando, Bessie Nellis, Weston Ganz, Gabby Bryan, and Spencer Armstrong

Technical Director: Brooke VanHensbergen


         A month after his father's death, Simon rediscovers a record that defined their relationship. On a whim, he searches for the singer of this little known record and ends up on her doorstep. Simon's insistence of playing his favorite song of her's unearths memories they both thought were lost. "All is Good" is a collection of moments and memories, sliding between the present and the past, exposing the power of music and the significance of simple moments.


   This story is inspired by the life, music, and memories of Sibylle Baier, a German folk singer currently residing alongside the Berkshire Mountains. To learn more about her go to:

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